Rodney Howard-Browne’s false gospel (David Choiniere)

by David Choiniere – Guatemala/Guatemala-City  site: Dominionismo en todas sus formas

Here’s an article I wrote recently on Rodney Howard-Browne, one of the men who brought the Toronto Blessing to us and continues to deceive with his corrupt message. Please use this for God’s glory:

A few weeks ago I went to a crusade of Rodney Howard-Browne. He is the man who played a role in the Toronto Blessing which was full of weird spiritual manifestations. Howard-Browne hails from South Africa but has been living in the USA the past 15 years.

He likes to call himself the Holy Ghost bartender because he claims to pass on an anointing that brings on holy laughter and drunkenness in the spirit. And it it true that many people do experience a fit of uncontrollable laughter when he lays hands on them and they act as if they are drunk and can hardly stand up.

So should what happened last night that be of concern?

He began by giving a brief testimony on how he got into all this. He talked about how he was born into poverty and how he had accepted the church’s teaching that we should accept our poverty from God. He got married and they were poor. Then he describes how he when to a meeting in 1990 in South Africa where he saw people filled with the ‚joy‘ of the Lord. There was a man giving this anointing causing this joy.

He also ‚learned‘ that he had been poor because he was living in ignorance of the power of scripture to bless those who gave and claimed the Lord had to deal with him on the matter. He claimed his lack of giving was keeping him poor. Then he learned the principles of giving as taught in 2 Corinthians 9:8 where God commanded cheerful giving. He claimed he stared prospering when he started taking the bible at it’s word on giving. He claimed giving releases spiritual power. He claimed that’s how we experience breakthroughs and that if we needed a miracle in our finances we would get it by giving in the offering. He claimed we also have to come against the spirit of poverty and rebuke it that it was a spirit attacking Christians. Yes, we were assured of supernatural provision if we gave and suggested that were could prosper even when the economy was in a crisis.

He finally took the offering and this whole affair lasted 30 minutes. Then he invited his wife to give a testimony. When she joined him he asked her how the anointing changed her and she proceeded to laugh uncontrollably, several times she appeared to want to share something but was impeded by fits of uncontrollable laughter. Finally he stepped in and explained how she had been a very quiet and shy girl who was transformed by the anointing. He described the positive effect in their marriage and how the Lord gave her an anointing to preach. After that she began to share and how she was changed and and that was to revolutionize their ministry. So, they both got the ‚anointing‘ the same day. She went on to say that one day the Lord dealt with her on unrepented sin and claimed that when the Lord deals with a person he does not condemn but feel convicted all the while feeling this great unconditional love.

She claimed ‚God is pure‘ and ‚when God convicts we will want more of God‘. She also claimed we had to let God do a work in us through his Holy Spirit. We had to ‚hear the voice of the Holy Spirit‘. (I would not disagree with this but would add that the Holy Spirit never contradicts the Bible, something that she never mentioned). This message of anointing and power contradicts the Bible constantly. Finally, his ended her sharing by saying ‚we had to ‚reflect God’s character‘.

Howard-Browne touched on a few verses to ‚back up‘ his claim that the scriptures back what he is preaching and dealt with a verse in Deut. 16 where it says we are command to be joyful. Also he touched on Nehemiah 8:10 where is says ‚the joy of the Lord is my strength‘. My comments are that the bible does command us to be joyful but this has nothing to do with uncontrollable fits of laughter. Nowhere in scripture is there any evidence of the fits of laughter. Also he twisted 2 Corinthians to make it seems that God moves supernaturally when we give and can receive financial miracles Nowhere in 2 Corinthians is that ever taught.

After the offering he started his main message and said that we had to be teachable and live holy lives. He said many people claim to have the anointing but their unholy lives prove that they don’t really have the anointing. (I wished he would have repudiated guys like Todd Bentley, Paul Cain, Earl Paulk and Bob Jones who all got caught up in huge sexual scandals but Howard-Browne never named names).

Then Howard-Browne started preaching from Acts 7 starting at verse 20 where it describes in brief the life and calling of Moses and his encounter at the Burning Bush. He ten said we can all have our burning bush experience and we needed to be filled with the ‚fire‘ of God‘. He ended the meeting by praying over all those whop stepped to the front for prayer and nearly everyone was slain in the Spirit. This was supposed to be the prove of the power of God in his ministry.

Before he ended the meeting he claimed that Christians had to wake up to their power so as to see the nation changed changed by the power of the Spirit. He claimed that one single church had the power to change a nation and that Guatemala can be changed if Christians united and supported a Christian president. He repeated that church can shake a nation. He claimed that years ago he had met Harold Caballeros (a close associate of Peter Wagner and former pastor of the El Shaddai church in Guatemala) personally and Harold was a light but the church at large did not recognize it.

Furthermore, Howard-Browne also touched on how Guatemala missed a chance to elect Harold Caballeros for president and that this was necessary to change the country. He elaborated that the Christian missed getting elected but was given the job of minister of foreign affairs where he had a hand in transforming the country. He also mentioned how this pastor founded 2 radio stations, a megachurch and a Christian university. Howard-Browne claimed that he came to Guatemala to do a crusade in order to light the fire that would transform the nation.

Howard-Browne claimed that he did ministry at lot in Burundi, in Africa and had met the president who was an ‚on fire, Holy host anointed believer‘ who was transforming his country with a ‚godly‘ administration‘. (Ironically, I have a FB friend from Burundi and she only tells stories of a very corrupt government which is harming the whole economy).

He never mentioned the Burundi president by name name but claimed he was a rebel leader who got converted miraculously converted and negotiated an end to the war. Then his friends formed a political party and asked him to lead and he did and won. Supposedly, he garnered 94% of the votes to win the Burundi presidency. He also said that the Congo was about to elect a Christian for president and was about to be transformed.

Howard-Browne claimed that many pastors recognizes the transforming power in his ministry but then say they don’t want it in their church so as not to upset the apple-cart. He even mentioned a certain pastor of a huge megachurch who made these comments (he never mentioned the name of the pastor).

Thus after 3 hours the meeting it came to a close. We need to know that this was a clear presentation of dominionism and NAR. Rodney Howard-Browne is one of the evangelists most used in propagating this false message of revival. He hardly even mentioned the name of Jesus and preferred to focus on the Holy Spirit. This is so typical of NAR preachers who put experience on par with scripture and thus many people think their experiences are from God. Sadly, these extra-biblical experience are leading people astray. This movement is to be avoided and Rodney Howard-Browne is at the centre of this huge deception.

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