The Gnostic Roots of the New Apostolic Reformation (David Choiniere)

by David Choiniere – Guatemala/Guatemala-City site: Dominionismo en todas sus formas

The New Apostolic Movement is based on the revival of gnosticism. Gnosticism is based on the idea of secret knowledge. NAR is gnostic because it also believes in secret revelation by angels and through visions. It might sound good until you understand that their revelations are anti-scripture.
They have a doctrine whereby they are moving towards future diety. They claim they are the movement called to inaugurate the second coming. They have a Jesus who tolerates every kind of ludicrous behaviour. It is very hard to argue with these guys because they will put forth their experiences as proof of their doctrine. Unfortunately experiences are not a valid proof of scriptural truth. Our authority is the bible and we need to confirm all our experiences with the bible which is what they do not do.

They talk about Jesus but they rarely preach a theologically sound Jesus and they like to pick and choose which verses they like to preach on. They do not preach all of scripture. Most of their verses are pulled out of context to give them the meaning they want them to have. They have no concept of biblical exegesis. They are puffed up with pride thinking they are the new wine skins that God is using and have created false apostolic networks they claim all Christians must adhere to.

If you criticize their leaders they claim they are the anointed of the Lord and claim to be above criticism. They always preach by saying ‚God told me‘. This is what makes them so dangerous. Their claims that the Lord gave them this teaching sets themselves to be beyond all accountability.

Their followers never question their teachings and are warned not to do so. This gives NAR preachers a license to preach any doctrine they like and practically invalidates scripture. To them scripture is only valid insofar as it validates their teaching. They have no real regard for the final authority of scripture. They are as bad as the Catholic church which claims that traditions and scripture go hand in hand to give us our doctrines.

They also borrow heavily from the Word of Faith movement with its emphasis on prosperity and use of visualizations to create things they conceive into being. This is a demonic technique but so is their emphasis on weird manifestations which include things such as holy laughter, drunkenness in the spirit, trembling and weird slayings in the spirit. The anointing they offer is a demonic anointing. It is demonic because it is anti-scriptural. You will not find these manifestations in the bible but they don’t care if the manifestations are not in the bible. They consider them valid for the only reason that they have experienced them.

We must not be so foolish as that. God has called us to be sober-minded and to be as the Bereans so as to test every doctrine by the authority of scripture. We must not be led astray by false revivals such as they are promoting. Unfortunately, many Christians are not so discerning and they are being led astray by false teachings. We should not be surprised for the bible says that in the last days there would be widespread apostasy and that is exactly what is happening.

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