Testimony: My experiences as a NAR-church-member – Part 2 (David Choiniere)

Testimony Part I. see here: Testimony: My experiences as a NAR-church-member – Part 1 (David Choiniere)

by David Choiniere – Guatemala / Guatemala-City site: Dominionismo en todas sus formas 03/25/2014

Testimony: My experiences as a NAR-church-member – Part 2

This is part two of my exposé on Cash Luna and his G12 teachings  The G12 system as Practiced by Cash Luna

I remember after I went to the encounter how they sprung a suprise on me. A few weeks later they told me they wanted me to attend an academy. Until that moment I had never even heard of an academy. It turned out that the academy was supposed to turn out the leaders and that you had to take the course to be a leader. I did not have much enthusiasm for going to the academy but they really wanted me to go so I went. They chose an academy on a Saturday afternoon which was convenient to me.

I discovered that the academy was really their indoctrination into the system. This is where they taught what G12 really was as until then I never even heard the term mentioned. It had been kept as a secret from me until they decided the moment was ripe. I also discovered that the academy was really a bunch of videos they wanted us to watch and 99% of them were teachings from Cash Luna. We had to answer some questions on them and do weekly assignments. At the end of the course, which would last between 6 to 8 months we would have a test and then get our ‚diplomas‘. Then we would be qualified to be ‚leaders‘.

I did not like the inconvenience of going to the academy but it gave me the information I needed to understand the system and how it works. That was actually valuable information. We had to buy a book which parallelled the course and was a condensed version of the course. The book explained the method.

The book taught that those in the G12 movement were the children of Abraham and no one else. I felt this was twisting the bible and decided that they were expounding false teachings in do that. ll believers in the Lord are children of Abraham. The book taught that the promises made to Abraham could be claimed by us and that the prosperity he was blessed with could be ours too. The book explained that we were all called to be leaders.

How the system operates became apparent. Everything begins by joining an ‚evangelistic‘ group, then there is the invitation to the encounter–a special reat from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, then there is an invitation to the academy which is the leader’s course. Upon graduation from the academy they wanted us to open our own evangelistic group. We were also supposed to join a G12 group in which we would be disciples of two leaders. In Casa de Dios they call it the D12 method instead of G12. D12 is the same as G12 and Cash Luna stole the method from Cesar Castellanos, a Colombiam pastor, copying much of his manuals word for word, in other words plagiarizing Castellanos. There was no debt of acknowledgement to Castellanos at all. The whole method is presented as if Cash Luna had received a divine revelation on how the Lord’s work was supposed to unfold. While Cash Luna calls it D12 and not G12 I will continue to use the term G12 throughout this article.

Cash Luna

Not only were we supposed to be disciples in a G12 group and open up our evangelistic group, we were supposed to open our own G12 group and gather our own disciples. This was to be done by inviting the people who went to our evangelistic group to the encounters and then to the academies. No one could be a leader without going through this process which could take up to two years or more. There was a lot of pressure to get people to go to all these activities and they were always a secret until they decided to tell you and invite you. I wonder what Jesus would think about all this. Jesus never had a bunch of secrets that he only told the disciples when he decided they were ready. These are the techniques of the cults.

These techniques are based on the theory of the frog in the water. If you put a frog in boiling water it would jump out but if you put a frog in water at room temperature and slowly bring the water to a boil the frog will just stay in the water until it dies. It does not know that it is supposed to jump out. The techniques of G12 work the same way. If you were told what the system was about and how you would be a slave to it you would leave that church as fast as you joined it but if you are told only bits and pieces and never more than what they want you to know you will probably not object. Plus they put just enough goodies into the program to make it seem interesting. Basically, you do not know what you are getting into when you join the cell groups and begin life in the church.

These G12 groups end up forming a huge pyramid with the pastor at the top. Of course who disciples the pastor? No one. The pastor gets control of the whole church by virtue of his being at the top of the pyramid.

When I asked the leader of the academy if what I understood was right he affirmed everything. Basically, we were to be involved in three different groups every week—our leader’s G12 group, our own G12 group where we would disciple others brought into the group and the evangelistic group (I dealt with the evangelistic group in a previous article so I will not dealt with it here). We also were expected to attend the Sunday services and study at more academies in the future. They would be necessary to advance up the leadeship ladder and instilled the doctrines of G12 in you. All this meant we could be in church activities up to five times a week. The church was to take over you life and tithing and other offerings were to be enforced that way.

In the G12 group you were to share everything in your life with your leaders, your sins, your aspirations and your daily problems. You were expected to get your leader’s consent on life decisions. If the group decided you were a troublemaker because you have doubts of the program and question it openly you were told Satan talking to you and you had to rebuke his thoughts. You were discouraged from reading the scriptures independently and interpret them in a way that might contradict the pastor’s teachings. Your confessions to your leaders could be made public later so as to humilliate you and put you in your place. This way order could be maintained and you would be discouraged from questioning the teachings.This, even though they promised your confessions would be in absolute confidentiality.

Leaving the group is difficult as the church and groups become your life and they cut you off from all your other friends outside the system.. They could threaten you with the loss of your salvation for leaving and at the very least you were told that God would no longer bless you. It was a system of manipulations and controls designed to keep you in the church.

All your concerns were to be dealt with through your leaders. If they did not have the capacity to resolve them they would go to their leaders. In practice your concerns went nowhere leaving you to accept that they had done their best to resolve them, when they had done very little or nothing at all, in reality. They only told you to stay on and in time your concerns would dissipate and go away.

When you were made leader of your own G12 group great pressure was exerted on you to make your group grow to the maximum number of 12. 12 was the magic number and you were taught that Jesus never tried to teach everyone and that he only chose 12 to be his disciples. If your group was failing to reach the magic number of 12 you were reprimanded and told you were not doing enough. You were told to pray more, make more efforts to get people to go to the encounters and academidies and then join your G12 group.

All these cell groups were arranged in networks and you affiliated with people in your network. The encounters were organized by leaders in the network and not just your own cell group leaders.

G12 is not based on groups of love and and peace. These are controlling groups where disobience was punished and everyone was expected to comply with the rules.

G12 works because you are knit into these groups until they take over your life. Fortunately, I got out before it reached this stage and learned more on how the system works through web searches and reading testimonies of others who were trapped in these groups until they finally made the brave decision to get out.. The longer you are in the harder it is to leave.

I never did finish the academy and never explained why to the leaders. I kept my views to myself. I saved myself a lot of pain and hardship by quitting when I did. The time I was in the academy I was also doing web searches on how the program works. Since they ere not going to tell me the truth I had to research elsewhere.

Cesar Castellanos studied the method of Dr. David Yonggi Cho in Korea and then adapted it to his own situation in Colombia. Cash Luna copied the sytem from Castellanos and renamed it D12. D12 means disciple of 12 and G12 means group of 12 but they are the sames systems.In fact the concept goes back to the Catholic Opus Dei, which is considered to be a Catholic cult by many due to its coercive techniques.

[pls. read: Dominionism in Guatemala (David Choiniere)]

The spiritual abuse is incredible and you are wanted only as long as you are useful to the system. When you are no longer useful to the system you are ignored and shunned. They will not talk to memembers who leave and they tell all people that you knew to avoid contact with you. Families often break up over the G12 doctrine and its NAR manifestations. Some people end up with a nervous breakdown as the result of the abuse. Some reject all religious activity altogether but some get spiritual healing and join more traditional churches which do not teach NAR doctrine.

NAR means New Apostolic Reformation and refers to the organization of apostles and prophets by C. Peter Wagner but the term is often used to refer any of the charismatic tendencies which emphasize the five fold ministries with the ‚restoration‘ of the apostles and prophets. They also emphasize weird manifestations such as jerking and trembling, holy laughter, being slain in the Spirit, impartation of the anointing, and being drunk in the Spirit. They also hold to other Pentecostal beliefs such as Spiritual gifts, the baptism of the Holy Spirit and divine healing.

Moving from one G12 group to go to another is possible but made difficult. You were basically expected to keep your leaders for life. If you got married you could change groups as you would join a marrided couples group. Singles had their own groups to belong to.

G12 claims to be restored truth. Supposedly, the apostles evangelized using this method and later generations lost the method. It was not until the new-modern apostles got new revelation that the method was ‚restored‘. It’s like the ‚restoration‘ of the five-fold ministry. Cash Luna claims to be an apostle.

Cash Luna claims to be Dr. Cash, despite the fact that there is no documentation of him getting a doctorate degree. His claims to be a doctor in theology are false but it does not stop people from believing he is a bona fide doctor with a bona fide doctorate degree. If you ask people where he studied they say that they do not know but that if he claims to be Dr. than it must be true. No one is willing to investigate these false claims. He does not reveal where he studied as it would prove his claims are bogus. The truth is that he did not study anywhere.

I have heard people claim they were invited to evangelistic groups through false pretenses. They thought they were coming to a nonreligious activity. I have heard people admit they they invited under false pretenses and became converted to the program. Others were disgusted by the deception and never went back. It seems that lies are part of the program. The end justifies the means.

Cash Luna is a boaster who likes the praises of men. He exaggerates his accomplishments and boasts of the ‚hard work‘ he did to build up his church. He is a smooth talker who was a former insuranse salesmen. He became wealthy as a salesman but founding his church made him a millionaire several times over. People give him expensive gifts like cars and planes and he keeps them. He lives a lavish lifestyle and goes about with several bodyguards. His suits are handmade by exclusive tailors. He wears a Rolex and has memerships in exclusive clubs in the country.

His name is Carlos Luna but supposedly he is called Cash because he could not pronounce Carlos as a child and it came out as Cash. The fact that Carlos is far easier for the Spanish-speaking person to pronounce than Cash makes his claim doubtful. His name is Cash probably because of his love for money and material things. His salary is not disclosed and he probably dips into the church cash fund whenever he wants as there are no controls to stop him. As such he just takes as much as he wants without restrictions.

His church is called Casa de Dios and they are housed in a new facility that was inaugurated barely a year ago to much fanfare. He has been the topic of newspaper columnists and is a huge player in the Hispanic modern-day apostle movement. He hold healing crusades where he claims the sick get healed and people experience deliverance from evil spiirits. His crusades can reach attendance in the thousands and he routinely fills stadiums. He travels about on his own private aircraft. He is well-known throughout Latin America and he appears on Enlace TV, the Spanish-speaking arm of the Trinity Broadcastin Network (TBN).  At the Casa de Dios bookstore only books and study materials from Cash Luna and pastoral staff are sold. One of his books is a glossy book with pictures with motivational phrases underneath them. Motivational and prosperity teaching undergird the teaching at the church. They emphasize divine healing as well. You are told God wants you to be successful and have a lot of wealth. Wealth is considered a sign of God’s blessing. There is scant warning about the dangers of wealth and the problem of the love of mone

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