Dominionist Founder Built Jet Fighter with Jesus’s Money (Kent Johnson)

by Kent Johnson 09/03/2013

The Colorado oil baron who brokered a meeting that produced the key Dominionist strategy known as the Seven Mountains Mandate had a career as a military contractor. An appellate court opinion reveals that Gilman Hill, „the first marketplace apostle“, contracted with aerospace giant Boeing to develop a low-cost combat aircraft for Cold War clients of the United States. Antiquated T-33 jet trainers from the U.S. Air Force inventory were to be converted into combat planes on the pretext that the USAF was upgrading its training fleet. The Skyfox could have given a  decisive advantage to American client states like El Salvador.

The Iran-Contra hearings produced abundant evidence of material support by Christian Right  ministries to right wing dictators and „freedom fighters“ in Central  America.

Flight Concepts, Ltd. was founded in 1983 by Mr. Hill and Russell P O’Quinn, a  test pilot and aviation engineer who now earns a living giving his testimony on the Prayer Breakfast circuit. A third partner is listed on the Skyfox incorporation documents: The Mount Carmel Trust. On video we’ve heard  Mr. Hill’s son Craig say that his dad „instructed his attorney  ‚legally  to put all my assets into the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, so I could be a a steward rather than an owner.'“  The Mount Carmel Trust was the result. Gilman Hill tried his best to enlist the Prince of Peace in the  bloody fight against communism, but as the Tenth Circuit opinion indicates, only one Skyfox was ever built. Mr O’Quinn finally flew the prototype in  1997.

Because Gilman Hill has kept a very low profile and presumably has diverted so much of his wealth to foundations and trusts, it’s hard to estimate his net worth. So it goes with the marketplace ministers of Dominionism. But we know Mr. Hill had agreed in 1985 to a royalty of $150,000 for each of 450 fighter planes, Boeing was expected to produce for a total of  $67,500,000. In the lawsuit, Mr Hill, Mr O’Quinn, and Jesus of Nazareth (dba Mount Carmel Trust)  alleged that Boeing reneged on a promise to invest $25-60,000,000  towards designing Skyfox. It’s safe to assume that a man dealing in the tens of millions of dollars controlled hundreds of millions worth of assets at the time.

Mr Hill has been one of the biggest donors of Youth With a Mission, a principal vector  of the New Apostolic Reformation, and he’s also  a major contributor Campus Crusade for Christ, founded by his late friend, the key New Religious Right organizer Bill Bright.
Bright and  „apostle“ Loren Cunningham of YWAM were summoned by Mr. Hill  to lunch in 1975, where the two parachurch leaders claim they discovered that each had  recently received, in separate locations, the same note–dictated, they say, by God: The Seven  Mountains Mandate.
Christians were  instructed to conquer the seven „mountains of culture“ that have seldom been in Christian control since the cultural monopoly of the Roman Catholic church was broken five centuries ago by the Reformation. These seven mountains are business, government, media, arts and entertainment, education, the family,  and religion.

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