Rick Warren: Social Entrepeneur, Dominionist (Kent Johnson)

kent-johnsonby Kent Johnson www.dominionism.org 08/22/2013

Let us briefly dispense with the widely held notion that  Pastor Rick Warren of the Saddleback Church empire is a political or economic „liberal“ as the term is generally used in 2013 A.D. In 2008 Warren wrote to the blog of Lew Rockwell,  noted Libertarian activist:

WARREN: „Peter Drucker was my personal mentor for 20 years, right up to his death. Drucker introduced me to Hayek who obviously led me to Von Mises. Of course you know Von Mises said ‚Human action is purposeful behavior.‘ I’d call that a purpose driven life!“

Drucker, father of modern business management theory, was an avowed „anarcho -capitalist.“ He helped Warren develop the Saddleback Church franchise. Fred Hayek and Ludwig Von Mises  were ultra-free market economists of the Austrian School who are heroes of American reactionaries– the Libertarian Party, John Birch Society and Tea Party.( Hayek and Mises were subsidized by the same right-wing organizations, The Foundation for Economic Education and William Volcker Fund, that launched Reverend Rousas John Rushdoony  on a writing career that resulted in a library of Dominionist tomes espousing „Christian  Reconstruction“. according to the Law of Moses.   

Lest anyone still thinks that Warren is pursuing a utopia inspired by Marxism or any ideology of the radical Left…

WARREN:„Actually, I completely disagree with Jim Wallis’s big government approach to poverty. The answer is not aid, but trade, not subsidies but freer markets, not wealth redistribution but wealth creation. not the government but local congregations. Saddleback’s P.E.A.C.E. plan is the exact opposite of outdated and ineffective liberal social government programs that have failed...“

(Lew Rockwell.com is owned by the eponymous longtime business partner of  both Tea Party candidate Ron Paul and  Christian  Reconstruction firebrand Gary K. North, son-in-law of the Dominionist patriarch  Rushdoony.)

So is it accurate to say Warren preaches a  „Social Gospel“? The term denoting Christian progressivism of the 1890s-1920s is a misnomer on at least three counts:

First, the old Social Gospel sprang from leftward origins, like Fundamentalist / Progressive Democrat William Jennings Bryan and Christian Socialist Francis Bellamy, author of the Pledge of Allegiance.  Rick Warren’s P.E.A.C.E. plan, however  is backed by ultra-free market ideologues. Warren is the mouthpiece of a rising global oligarchy that includes the former communists who dominated the UN  during the Cold War. In the oligarchs‘ scheme of philanthropy, „the left hand knows“ exactly „what the right hand is doing“ (Mt 6:3) … because profitability is the measure of everything, including good deeds. Bob Buford’s Drucker-inspired  Leadership Network calls it „social entrepeneurship“.

Second, while the original Social Gospel movement produced a few powerful organizations like the YMCA, it had no cohesive cadres. Although it sent  hordes of foreign missionaries, Social Gospel did not develop roving ambassadors or network heads of state. Leadership Network has been organizing and indoctrinating a worldwide vanguard of prayer-breakfasting church leaders, business executives, politicians, and military officers  for a quarter century.

Finally, in practice the Social Gospel reformed the existing order, without ever seriously threatening to overthrow it. The moderate practicable goals included cleaning up the slums, ending child labor in factories, and implementing the twelve hour work day. By contrast, Rick Warren’s grandiose scheme places him in the league with Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin and Mao. Warren has vowed to to end war, poverty. and sickness forever on a global scale. Goals of that magnitude imply an unprecedented global cultural and political revolution. P.E.A.C.E.  isn’t just the latest „New World Order“. It’s the mother of all New World Orders!  How this insanely ambitious plan can be accomplished without wholesale human slaughter is beyond  the imagination of any student of history.


To review, Rick Warren is a Druckerite Libertarian ideologue pursuing social entrepeneurship as a path to Christian-style oligarchic Dominion over every sphere of society. Those who persist in calling Warren a liberal advocate of the Social Gospel are unwittingly minimizing his threat by  falling for hackneyed right-wing conspiracy theory disinformation that assumes Satan to be eternally left-handed.

Some day we’ll take a closer look at the reasons why so many Christians  have made  „liberal“ their vilest epithet, and why they’re in such a hurry to hang it on their enemies, to the detriment of both their understanding and their credibility.
(Not being  a preacher, I won’t ask why so many Christians are so eager to make enemies or to hurl vile epithets at them!)
Hint: You won’t find it in the Bible, where the word „liberal“ has exclusively positive connotations.

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