NAR: What’s in a Name? (Kent Johnson)

by Kent Johnson 09.08.2013

NAR: What’s in a Name?

Friends, allow me to introduce  the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) by using only the names of ministries owned by  the „new apostles“ anointed by  C. Peter Wagner and John P.  Kelly.  The owner of every one of the organisations in  boldface is a full-fledged member of the International Coalition of Apostles.

hello, my name is sticker edit NAR

NAR is a Fellowship of Connected Churches  using  The Apostolic-Prophetic Connection to build  a  Winners‘ Church for men and Women of Royal Destiny praying for Zion Restoration  with Justice at the Gate and  Fire on the Altar. International Apostolic Ministries are building a Church Without Limits for Dominion-Life. Global Dominion Equipping Centres  provide Strategic Christian Services for the Kingdom Alignment.  Join the The International Marketplace Alliance  and see Markets Unlocked by   Return on Investment Leadership. Imagine having Christ at Work!  The City Harvest including  is underway, beginning with Transformation Syracuse.   Apostolic Teams and City Blessing Churches, powered by New Image  Software,  and  funded by Cornerstone Capital Management  are forming a  Parliamentary Prayer Network led by a Battle Axe Brigade for the  Global Advance  of Dominion  Fellowship.

LINK: ICA  members  November 10, 2009 

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