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Rare and Amazing Find: ICA Hall of Fame Apostle Gilman A. Hill tells how he brought Bill Bright of Cru and Loren Cunningham of YWAM to „share“ the 7 Mountains Mandate that each had received (separately and miraculously!) directly as memos dictated directly by God in 1975.
After nearly four decades Apostle Hill, a Colorado oilman and major YWAM benefactor, is telling the miraculous details of this dual epiphany in public for the first time…but he says just before his speech he called Apostle Cunningham to make sure that the miraculous details of their stories were, shall we say… in apostolic alignment!!!
This video has been up for about a year, but it’s only been viewed about a hundred times. The significance? 1. 7MM was always planned and financed by businessmen for businessmen. 2. For 35 years this story has been in circulation, but only as a bare bones sketch. Why risk adding details now, unless this 90 year- old man finally wanted his money’s worth of bragging? (To the glory of God, of course!)


Original Video on Vimeo: (from NAR-„Apostle“ Os Hillman)
Gilman Hill shares story of Introducing Bill Bright to Loren Cunningham

„Gilman Hill shares story of Introducing Bill Bright to Loren Cunningham which led to each sharing God’s vision for the 7 cultural mountains of influence.“

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